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The Burlesque Boutique’s Industry Partners


Burlesque Arts Education! BurlyCon is an annual burlesque social and educational convention held every fall in Seattle.


The Academy of Burlesque

The Academy of Burlesque is a mission-driven, women-owned small business that provides Burlesque Theatrical Arts education and events in an effort to preserve and promote this American Theatrical Art form.


The Atomic Bombshells

Get ready to have your socks knocked off by THE ATOMIC BOMBSHELLS, Seattle’s internationally celebrated, polished and perfectly-choreographed, professional burlesque troupe, as they present a show that celebrates the feminine form with good humor and style. This is no send-up; this is the real thing!


Ben Dela Crème

As a performer, emcee, party hostess, and event promoter BenDeLaCreme has appeared in theaters and nightclubs from coast to coast since 2002. Formerly based in Chicago, but with lucite heels now planted firmly in Seattle, DeLaCreme combines her background in the performing & visual arts with a love of spectacle, glamour, and Saturday morning cartoons to create a thick sludge of sparkly entertainment certain to stick to your ribs!


Wes Hurley

An American movie director, writer and producer.Wes Hurley is known for his ongoing collaborations with Seattle’s popular theater, drag, and cabaret performers and artists including Waxie Moon, Sarah Rudinoff, Jinkx Monsoon, BenDeLaCreme, Jackie Hell, and others.

Kitten & Lou: The World’s Show-Busiest Couple!

A marriage made up of one part “polished, clever, and glamorous” (Dita Von Teese) from Kitten LaRue and one part “hilarious dance magic” (The Stranger) from Lou Henry Hoover could be none other than Kitten N’ Lou!  This “camp, show-stopping couple” (The UK Daily Mail) uses burlesque, drag, dance, and theater to make performance that has been called “brilliantly deranged” (Time Out New York) and “genius” (The Huffington Post).


Jasper McCann & Lily Verlaine Presents

Verlaine & McCann are the progenitors of the “spectacle of ecdysiastic pageantry”, a professional-grade variety entertainment that includes elements of burlesque, ballet, musical theater, and vaudeville.  Following the traditions of the great musical revues of Zigfield and the vaudeville and burlesque of Minksy’s, Verlaine & McCann provide entertainments for the discerning audience who understand and appreciate the style and glamor of that by-gone era.


Moisture Festival

The Moisture Festival is the world’s largest Comedy/Varietè festival, running for four weeks every spring in Seattle.


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